Bluebird Care

Bluebird Care

‘Bluebird Care’ Wins Charity Award Thanks To Reader’s Appreciation For Spousal Care

Reader Mrs Margaret Holley was victorious in winning the opportunity to give her favourite charity a cash boost!

Winning Issue 183 ‘Charity Award’ is Bluebird Care UK.

Mrs Holley applied for Bluebird Care UK to win the award as a result of the excellent support given throughout her husband’s recent stay in hospital.

Bluebird Care is a UK wide charity, who provide high-quality home care.

Puzzle Digest love to be able to support charities that have personally helped our readers.

Can we support your favourite charity?!

If you would like to put forward your favourite charity, just like Mrs Holley then let us know how the charity has helped you!

For further information about Bluebird care and the services they provide or would like to help, please visit their website.