Yateley Thursday Club

Yateley Thursday Club

Community Group Receive Welcome Donation From Puzzle Digest

A community group in need of a cash boost receives Puzzle Digest’s charity award.

Mrs Muriel Brent has been a participant of ‘Yateley’s Thursday Club‘ for many years with her beloved club suffering financially during covid restrictions.

Muriel knew she could potentially support them by nominating the group for Puzzle Digest’s Charity Award cash prize.

We loved her application and felt they were a worthy winner for Issue 187.

Lockdown restrictions caused a massive depletion in finances and participation levels for local community groups. Many groups found themselves adversely affected and struggling for survival.

Following their win of our award, Anne McIvor, Corporate and Community Fundraising Officer at The Brendoncare Foundation said:

‘Yateley’s Thursday Club’ is a social club that provides a nutritious meal and refreshments for its participants.

The group offers an opportunity to meet friends old and new and to enjoy some activities too.

“We’re delighted to win Puzzle Digest’s Charity Award, a huge thanks to Muriel for our nomination. At the beginning of March 2020, we had to make the difficult decision to close our community clubs due to COVID-19. However, we’ve been committed to ensuring our club members continue to be supported through our community support service – providing telephone support, online activity clubs and online training to older people across Hampshire and Dorset.

At the moment, we’re working hard to get everyone back to our community clubs and re-open our doors as soon as we can, in a COVID-safe way. This award will ensure lots of older people in our communities can get together again this summer for fun and friendship.

Many thanks to Clare Haddon and the team at Puzzle Digest for your wonderful support.”

Community groups can often be overlooked when people think of charitable giving. Yet groups like these are vital to people’s lives and society, by improving health and wellbeing and supporting local economies.

For this reason, every contribution is vital in ensuring these groups continue to offer social support for communities across the UK.

If you know of a community group or charity that would benefit from our Charity Award, make sure you pick up a pen and complete the nomination form in our magazine.