Troop Aid

Troop Aid

SuperTrooper – Reader’s Nomination Leads To Additional Funds To ‘Troop Aid’!

Winning Issue 189’s Charity Award is reader Andrew Parkhill who nominated TroopAid.

Troop Aid founded in 2006 support injured servicemen and women when they are admitted to hospital.

When service personnel are injured either on a training exercise or in combat operations they are admitted to hospital. Sometimes without any of their personal effects or clothing.

Troop Aid are on hand to support by distributing emergency packs to anyone who finds themselves in a state of emergency and emotional crisis. In total, the charity supports 27 locations worldwide.

Fondly called ‘Grab Bags‘, these packs include basic essentials such as clothing and toiletries. These packs enable wounded servicemen and women to gain dignity at a time of personal crisis.

Pam Sutton CEO at Troop Aid said:

‘Opening our post to find a cheque for £250 was a huge and indeed wonderful surprise for us! A big thank you to Andrew Parkhill for his nomination, this domation will be very beneficial in supporting Troop Aid provide worldwide emergency packs to troops. Thank you Puzzle Digest!’

Puzzle Digest’s £250 donation will support the purchase of 8 Grab Bags (with £10 spare!).

For further information on Troop Aid please visit their website or call them on 0121 711 7215.