‘I Can’t Believe It’ – Grab A Grand Winner Gillian’s Shock At Surprise Win

‘I Can’t Believe It’ – Grab A Grand Winner Gillian’s Shock At Surprise Win

Gillian is Our ‘Grab A Grand’ Winner!

– Fife Woman Wins Puzzle Digest Cash Prize Competition

In a month-long Wimbledon themed competition Puzzle Digest offered the opportunity for UK entrants to win £1000 tax-free cash!

The competition which was completely free to enter asked compers to find the surname of a famous tennis player in a crossword (with the answer being ‘Federer’!)

From all the correct answers submitted, we used a random name generator to choose our winner. From that, we were pleased to announce Gillian Herrington, 56 from Fife as our eventual winner.

When we telephoned Gillian to inform her of the good news, Gillian who lives with her husband James was overwhelmed by her win.

Gillian said:

‘The team at Puzzle Digest have been really great and it was such a surprise to hear about my win, I can’t believe it’

‘I enter about 4 or 5 competitions a week but have only won about £20. Receiving a call from Puzzle Digest to inform me of my £1000 win was incredibly exciting! I honestly cannot believe it!!’

Gillian plans to spend the money on a much-deserved holiday and share some of her newfound wealth with her sister and husband. Lucky pair!

Puzzle Digest regularly hosts free competitions both online and in national media.

Our annual jackpot prize draw of £5000 is still open with the draw to be completed on 31st December 2021.

Our latest big jackpot winner is trainee teacher Hannah Read from Sheffield who used her winnings to support her PGCE education.

Learn more about Hannah and her surprise win here.

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