Marjory Picks Up More Cash Prizes

Marjory Picks Up More Cash Prizes

Be ‘More Marjory’! Nonagenarian Superwoman Boasts Another Cash Prize Win!

At 91 years old there is no stopping West Sussex native and cash prize winner Marjory Turnbull!

From winning cash prizes with Puzzle Digest to a hectic social life, Marjory certainly likes to keep busy!

Marjory is an active member at the East Grinstead Evergreens, the WI and the British legion. When she’s not an active participant in a plethora of groups she also enjoys regular walks and playing bingo with friends – our superwoman is certainly not one for letting retirement slow her down!

Once she has caught her breath from all those activities, she loves nothing more than settling down to her favourite puzzle magazine and win cash prizes through her love of solving puzzles!

In Marjory’s words, it helps her ‘retain what’s left of her brain cells’.

‘I enjoy all the puzzles particularly the arrow-words, word searches and crosswords. Really good for keeping the brain active and love the Cash Competitions. I have won a few times now!’

– Marjory Turnbull, Puzzle Digest Cash Prize Winner

We were delighted to recently award Marjory with another £100 cash prize win.

Her latest £100 cash prize win will be combined with her previous wins and used towards purchasing birthday and Christmas gifts for her large family (5 children and 7 grandchildren!)

Why not be ‘More Marjory’ and try us today?! Have multiple opportunities to win cash prizes and engage in mentally stimulating activities to keep your brain fit whilst also being able to treat your family with your cash prize winnings?!

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